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As we all know the Working of Blood Bank Management System. A blood bank is a cache or bank of blood or blood components, gathered as a result of blood donation or collection, stored and preserved for later use in blood transfusion. But the Real Fact is Blood transfusion service is a multibillion dollar profession/ business worldwide [1]. So many Corruption involve in this System . Still, we will not like to call it a business because of the fear in our minds that our general population or blood donors will be annoyed with us and may not come to donate again. For solving This major problem I am Introduce the a new concept of Blood Bank Management System Using a Concept of Cloud Computing .This paper is also help to provide a way to reduces the corruption involve in this Good work .With the help of this New concept we also Improve the facilities of blood bank management system in the Rural Area .In this paper I am using a concept of Cloud Computing as we all know the what is the simple definition of Cloud computing in a very simple word we say Cloud Computing is On demand Services. Many a times, we do not clarify to the donor at the time of donation that there is service charge for blood units. As a result, when the donor needs blood, it comes as a rude shock and he makes allegations of the ‘sale’ of blood. At that moment, the situation becomes embarrassing because we hesitate to accept that we follow a cost recovery system which is a part of the business. In this research paper I am introduce mobile SMS based blood bank management system for rural area which is direct connect to cloud server located in other location. Because in rural area blood bank management system not have a sufficient facilities for storing a blood in long time.



1.1           Background Of The Study

When a person is diagnosed with leukaemia. There will be need for blood. If a person has sickle cell disease. He or she needs blood on a regular basis. When a relative of ours needs open heart surgery. He will need blood.While nobody likes to be involved in any scenarios that will require blood donation, it is an everyday reality for many people in the United States. Every two seconds, someone in the US needs blood (Lindsey Cant, 2006).Aggregated, thirty Americans each minute, 1,800 each hour, will require blood transfusions (American Red Cross, 2005). There is a 97% chance that in your lifetime, someone you know will need blood (Badger-Hawkeye). Web based blood bank management information system keeps accurate records, provides a centralised blood donation information and gives blood donors an informative blood donation tips, importance and benefits of donating blood.

The blood bank management information system provides a centralised blood bank management which helps users and donor agents with reliable information about availability and also provides statistical information for proper and well informed decision making.Due to the undeniable fact that computer is becoming more relevant in every aspect of life is has become more important and sacrosanct for some human activities like blood donation and information management to be made easily accessible, more efficient and information readily available for users and agencies for various purposes.

Web based systems which are applications developed and accessed using web browsers connected to the internet brought a revolution to software applications making it possible and available to thousands and millions of users to be able to use a particular system or software at a given time with minimal or no interruption and interception.The latest figures from the International Telecommunications Union indicate that there are now 2.26 billion people online, with 1 billion of them using mobile broadband subscriptions.The report indicated that as of the end of 2011, there were 589 million fixed-broadband subscriptions (mostly in the developed world, led by the Asia-Pacific nations and Europe), and almost twice as many mobile broadband subscriptions — 1.09 billion, if this number of the world population either owns a personal computer or have a gadget that can be used to access and browse the internet, this development brought about the need for applications which are made to serve the public to be made available to its users

1.2 Project Description

This project is aimed to developing an online Blood Donation Information. The entire project has been developed keeping in view of the distributed client server computing technology, in mind.

The Blood Donation Agent is to create an e-Information about the donor and organization that are related to donating the blood. Through this application any person who is interested in donating the blood can register himself in the same way if any organization wants to register itself with this site that can also register. Moreover if any general consumer wants to make request blood online he can also take the help of this site.

Admin is the main authority who can do addition, deletion, and modification if required.

The project has been planned to be having the view of distributed architecture, with centralized storage of the database. The application for the storage of the data has been planned. Using the constructs of MS-SQL Server and all the user interfaces have been designed using the ASP.Net technologies.

The database connectivity is planned using the “SQL Connection” methodology. The standards of security and data protective mechanism have been given a big choice for proper usage.

The application takes care of different modules and their associated reports, which are produced as per the applicable strategies and standards that are put forwarded by the administrative staff.

The entire project has been developed keeping in view of the distributed client server computing technology, in mind. The specification has been normalized up to 3NF to eliminate all the anomalies that may arise due to the database transaction that are executed by the general users and the organizational administration. The user interfaces are browser specific to give distributed accessibility for the overall system. The internal database has been selected as MS-SQL server 2008.

The basic constructs of table spaces, clusters and indexes have been exploited to provide higher consistency and reliability for the data storage. The MS-SQL server 2008 was a choice as it provides the constructs of high-level reliability and security. The total front end was dominated using the ASP.Net technologies. At all proper levels high care was taken to check that the system manages the data consistency with proper business rules or validations.

The database connectivity was planned using the latest “SQL Connection” technology provided by Microsoft Corporation. The authentication and authorization was crosschecked at all the relevant stages.


Proper record keeping is a very important aspect of the blood donation exercise. Inaccuracy in record keeping has caused so much damage and due to the case of blood, this can lead to death of patients. The traditional or manual method of using books in record keeping can result to loss, misplacement, data redundancy and lack of integrity and thus, does not aid fast response to blood availability in the blood bank. Due to the dire and frequent need of blood by most patients, there is a need for a system that should keep accurate records and give useful information about blood availability and other related data with quick response


The aim of this project research work is to design and implement a web based blood bank information management system that will help in keeping accurate and proper records of blood donation exercise and also helps intending donors, users and the government to be highly informed about the activities of blood banks.

The objectives of this work are listed as follows:

1.   To develop a system that will keep accurate records of the blood bank.

2.   To develop a system that can quickly do blood cross matching for blood transfusion.

3.   To develop a user friendly system that will be easily available to donors to read and learn about blood donation exercise.

4.   To develop a platform where donors can check for their eligibility

5.   To develop a secured database that will store the information of registered donors and organisations.


The research work will cover the basic information about web-based blood bank management system such as definition, history, benefits, limitation, applications, and the structure of web-based blood bank management system.It will also cover the meaning of blood bank management system as regards to computer science and studies, blood bank management system requirements, different purposes of blood bank management system, compatible components to blood bank management system based on the purpose or specification required, and processes involved, and finally the design and implementation of a web-based blood bank information management system.


The numerous significance of web-based blood bank management system can be outlined as follows:

1.   The blood bank management system will help blood agency to manage properly blood donations by keeping accurate record of daily donation activities.

2.   The Web-based blood bank management system will help in providing accurate information to users on importance and relevance of blood donation.

3.   The system will help to encourage the users to blood donation practice.

4.   The system will provide accurate data for research purposes concerning blood agents and blood banks.

5.   The system will provide mobile responsive feature which will enable users to access the system with a mobile phone.






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